Polishing and Fabrication Service

Polishing and Fabrication Service

With two subsidiary workshops specializing in optical-grade polishing, cutting and coating, FUJITOK offers fabrication service for non-standard custom optical parts and components.
From sample works for prototyping to commercial volume production, we deliver custom optical substrates and components of superb surface quality and flatness for use in a wide spectrum of optical applications.
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Precision Polishing Workshop - Shintoyo

One of our subsidiary Shintoyo Co., Ltd. offers optical-grade quality polishing service. With cutting edge NC machines like 6-axsis grinding machine and highly-rated workmanship, Shintoyo delivers custom optical substrates and components of excellent surface finish.

President: Yuta Okamoto
Head Office: 2997-4 Mawatari Hitachinaka-City
Ibaraki 312-0012
Major Works: Flat optical plate Thickness > 100μm
Optical glass, Fused silica, Color filter glass, White crown(B270).
Equipment: Flat grinding machine, Cylindrical grinding machine,
12B Lapping machine, 12B double-sided polishing machine,
6 axis one-side grinding machine.

Precision Cutting & Processing Workshop - Diatec

Diatec Co., Ltd. specializes in precision ablation works utilizing diamond machining technology.

President: Hiroaki Ikeda
Head Office: 3-13-31 Aoyagi Souka-City
Saitama 340-0002 Japan
Major Works: Diamond machining precision cutting and grinding,
Precision cylindrical internal grinding.
Super small diameter hole mirror grinding,
Round cutting and processing.
Ex. 30μmT x 100μm square cutting acceptable.
Material: Ceramics, Glasses, Fused silica, Metals, Plastics, Sapphire
and more