To Be a Good Corporate Citizen

To Be a Good Corporate Citizen

We, at FUJITOK, are fully aware of that realizing sustainable world is a critical challenge common to all mankind. As a corporate citizen in the community where we do business, we are responsible for making the best possible efforts to reduce environmental impact arisen from our business activities.

Environmental Policy

To minimize the environmental impact attributable to our products, services and activities, FUJITOK Corporation aims to promote environmental management activities based on the following policy.

  • We strive for maximize our contribution for realizing the sustainable world by continuously improving our CSR activities as well as environmental management activities including the prevention of environmental pollution.
  • We comply with the laws, regulations and other requirements applicable and relevant to our CSR and environmental management activities with regard to our products, services and activities.
  • We address the CSR and environmental management activities focusing following agenda:
    • Developing the cooperative relationship with partners
    • Don’t too hassle. Enjoy participation in meaningful activities.
    • Be well prepared for an emergency
    • Help your coworkers and your company
    • Help your local community be active.
  • We try to make every employees and officers know and understand this environmental policy so that all parties can participate in the above CSR and environmental management activities.
    The policy will be made available for the general public.
  • We actively engage in environmental improvement activities based on the environmental policies of local community.

In order to achieve the above policy, we set objectives, that are reviewed regularly, and promote our environmental management system.

Established October 1, 2005
Revised October 1, 2013
President and Director Yuta Okamato

KES Environmental Management System Registration