Precision Glass Units and Assemblies

Precision Glass Units and Assemblies

In addition to flat substrates, FUJITOK offers fabrication service of 3-D glass works such as cells, tubes, prisms and wedges with/without coating.

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Glass Cells and Tubes

FUJITOK supplies a wide variety of glass tubes and cells with adhesive-free optical contact bonding technology, which are ideal for various measurement equipments such as refractometer, blood cell counter, liquid chromatograph, and water quality analyzer.

Shape: Flow Cells (Capillaries), Gas Cells, Micro Cavity, Tubes (Bent, Curved, Straight), Custom precision glass parts in other shapes
Material: Optical Glasses, B270, B270i, D-263, Borofloat Glasses, UV-Grade, Water free and other grade Fused Silica, Sapphire, Tempax

Prisms & Wedges with/without Optical Coating

Shape: Right Angle, Penta, Schimidt, Amici Roof, Anamorphic, Dove, Rhomboid, Littrow, Wedges, Corner Cube, etc.
Size: 0.2 - 200mm
Surface: Optical grade Flatness/TWF 1/50 waves @632.8nm per 25.4 mm (1 inch) circle
Material: Optical Glasses, B270, B270i, D-263, Borofloat and other glasses from Schott,
OHARA, SUMITA and other manufacturers UV-grade,
Water-free and other grade Fused Silica from TOSOH, Corning,
OHARA, NIKON, CoorsTek and other manufacturers